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From "Walt Stoneburner" <>
Subject Rank based on lists.
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 18:20:13 GMT
Here's a scenario I just ran into, though I don't know how to make
Lucene do it (or even if it can).

I have two lists; to keep things simply lets assume (A B C D E F G) and (X Y).

I want to form a query so that when matches appear from both lists,
results rank higher, than if many elements matched from just one.

That is, a document that matches a many terms of list one, such as A B
C D E F, ranks lower than a document that matches just one term from
each list, A X.

It is not the case that the second list weights more.  It's just as
equal as the first.

So, for instance, a match of X Y, all of list two, would rank less
than a match of A X, which had hits in both.

Is this even possible, or does Lucene not have facilities for lists,
sets, groups, or whatever makes sense to call them?

-Walt Stoneburner,

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