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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: NPE in IndexReader
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 02:12:30 GMT

: I agree segmentInfos are not needed in this case. But it's used in
: aquireWriteLock(). What should we do?

This is one of the reasons why i was suggesting in a java-dev thread that
*all* of the refrences to SegmentInfos be refactored out of IndexReader
and into the subclasses -- any attempt to access the SegmentInfos in a
MultiReader constructed from an IndexReader[] doesn't make sense -- and it
never has.  In past releases, any operation in a MultiReader constructed
from subReaders that attempted to use SegmentInfos (like aquireWriteLock)
would never work properly (at best it would lock the first subReader)

	...hmm, looking at this more and getting more confused...

I was going to say that this was all a red herring and couldn't cause the
NPE, since the only time acquireWriteLock is (or ever has been) called is
when the IndexReader knows it owns the directory, but a quick skim of
MultiReader on the trunk to try and find where it tells the super class it
doesn't own the directory made me realize it's not there ... MultiReader
extends MultiSegmentReader and passes info up the chain of super
constructors about ot closing the Directory on close, but there is no info
passed up about not owning the directory.

skimming 2.2 i don't see how this ever worked "corectly" ... it wouldn't
NPE, but it looks like any attempt at doing anything on a MultiReader
would always aqcuire the write lock on the *first* sub reader, then
delegate to the correct subreader.

it appears that this is yet another flaw in the old impl exposed via the
refactoring done so far (and further motivation for continued refactoring
untill IndexReader is a glorified abstract class with no meat in it)

(can someone sanity check my assessment ... i'm a little dizzy from
flipping back and forth between various versions of IndexReader,
MultiReader and MultiSegmentReader)


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