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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Issue with indexed tokens position
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 21:40:21 GMT

: My lucene query: fieldName:"pinki i"  finds document. (see "i" in  "pinki")

i'm guessing that in this debuging output you provided...

: > indexed value: pink-I
: > Indexed tokens:1: [pink:0->5] 2: [pinki:0->5] 3: [i:5->6]
: > (ex. explanation:
: > "pink" is a term "0->5" term-position)

...that the "1" is the position of "pink", "2" is the position of "pinki",
and "3" is the position of "i" ... the numbers you are refering to as
term-positions actually look like start and end offsets.

the offsets aren't used in phrase queries -- only the positions, your
problem appears to be that you are using a non sloppy phrase query and
expecting it to match two tokens with a psotion gap of 1 between them.

you could either use sloppier queries (ie: "pink i"~2) or chnage your
analyzer so the position incriment between "pink" and "pinki" is 0


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