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From "Steinert, Fabian" <>
Subject AW: High CPU usage duing index and search
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 22:41:24 GMT
Hi Chew,
with Lucene you could try the following:
Make one query for each single value in each category (each Term):
1Q - Gender:M
2Q - Department:Accounting
3Q - Department:R&D
4Q - ...
with a custom HitCollector like the following example taken from
API Spec:
   Searcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(indexReader);
   final BitSet bits = new BitSet(indexReader.maxDoc());, new HitCollector() {
       public void collect(int doc, float score) {
Thus you'l get one BitSet for each Term with bits set at DocIDs containing the Term.
Then do the combinatory part on these BitSets like:
  BitSet FemaleAndRnD = ((BitSet) RnD.clone()).andNot(Male);



Von: Chew Yee Chuang []
Gesendet: Mi 15.08.2007 10:31
Betreff: RE: High CPU usage duing index and search


I have tested with Mysql, the grouping is ok when there is not much records in the table,
but when I come across to performed grouping in a table which have 3 millions of records,
It really take a very long time to finish. Thus, Im looking at lucene and hope it can help.

Thank you
eChuang, Chew

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