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From Albert Vila <>
Subject Best index architecture
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 15:16:53 GMT

	We have a system like 'google news'. We currently parse and index  
over 180.000 headlines per day. One month data is 10Gb and the  
indexation process takes 2 hours +/-, the index size is 6Gb +/-  
(We're using mergeFactor 40, setMaxBufferedDocs 100000,  
setRAMBufferSizeMb 500 and useCompoundFile false, the computer has  
2CPUs and 4Gb RAM).

We have headlines since 2002, 130million headlines, and we need to be  
able to search all these history. The most used indexes are the  
recent ones.
All indexed data never change. We have indexes per year and per  
month, and we mantain a daily index incrementally. We always sort  
results by date, using the internal lucene id.

We also have users. Earch user has folders, the headlines are  
automatically assigned to folders according to users preferences. The  
users can add/delete the assigned headlines. Now, We want to  
implement searches per folder.

We discussed the same structure as the main index, but there is a  
problem with add/delete actions. If we have indexes per month, or per  
year, a single user action means we need to reindex the whole index,  
because we use the internal lucene id as sort method.
We thought to use a single index containing all folder data, but we  
need to reindex the whole index as well.
If we don't use the lucene internal id as sorting method, we can  
index old documents with newer lucene's internal ids, and use a  
timestamp field to sort results, but we will pay at searching time.
To save index size, we thought to add all folder information in the  
main index. For instance:
	Headline 1, content, language, ...
	Headline 2, content, language, ...
	Headline 3, content, language, ...

	Folder 1 contains headline 1 and 2
	Folder 2 contains headline 2 and 3

Using the firsts approaches, we will have these structure
		headline 1
		headline 2
		headline 3

		headline 1
		headline 2
		headline 2
		headline 3
	(the folder's index structure may change if we use year/month  
indexes or all in the same index).

On the other hand, we can also store the information like:
		headline 1, content, language, folder:1
		headline 2, content, language, folder:1,2
		headline 3, content, language, folder:2
The problem we see with these approach is we have to constantly  
update the main index, adding, deleting and updating folder fields.  
It is more problematic with failures, because we have all information  
in the same index, but we save Gb becasuse we don't duplicate  
headlines across indexes.

Users add and delete actions are unusual, but headlines are  
automatically assigned to folders earch minute.

Anyone has a better approach to this problem?


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