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From "Patrick Turcotte" <>
Subject Re: Caching IndexSearcher in a webapp [was: Find "latest" document (before a certain date)]
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 12:46:59 GMT

Answers in the text.
> For each search request (it's a webapp) I currently create
> a new IndexSearcher, new Filter and new Sort, call
>, filter, sorter) and later searcher.close().
> The literature says that it is desirable to cache the IndexSearcher,
> but there's no mention of the memory cost! Since it is said to
> take a long time to create, I presume that the IndexSearcher
> reads the index files and keeps a lot of stuff in memory, so
> the thought of caching one for each HttpSession gives me bad vibes.

Why don't you put into the context scope
[servletContext.setAttribute("index", IndexSearcher)] ?

You can have it initialized upon startup with init() and cleanup on
shutdown with destroy()

Hope this helps.


> (Also keeping open files; the file locking scheme in NTFS
> can prevent Tomcat from doing hot redeploy if the webapp
> has open files).
> > Benchmark to be sure
> So far searches with Lucene feel astonishingly fast! Yay! :-)
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