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From "George Aroush" <>
Subject Can a Lucene field be renamed in a Lucene index?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 02:03:27 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have the following need and I wander what are my options or if anyone run
into it and has a solution / suggestion.

I'm indexing a SQL database.  Each table is a Lucene index.  Now, in table
"A", I have a field called "Foo".  When I index it into Lucene, I also end
up with a field called "Foo".  Later on, the SQL database administrator,
will change the field name from "Foo" to "Bar".  Once this happens, any new
records added to table "A" will be indexed into Lucene as "Bar".

The issue is this, Lucene index for table "A" now has documents with some
having a field called "Foo" and others with "Bar".  This is problematic
because now a user can't just search for "Foo:dog", but must search for
"Foo:dog Bar:dog".

So, what are my options here?  No, I can't re-index.  Ideally, I would like
to be able to say to Lucene, "rename the field 'Foo' to 'Bar' in the index
'A'" (even if it means using private APIs).  Is this possible?  Have you run
into this problem?  What was your solution?


-- George

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