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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Too Many Open files Exception
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 02:40:43 GMT

: Issuing a "limit descriptors", I see that I have it set to 1024

: In the directory that I'm getting this particular error: 3
: I have 24 different index directories... I think the most I saw at that
: particular time in any one index was 20

as i said ... it doesn't matter where in the code your encounter the
error, or what directory the line of code that throws the errors happens
to be operating on, what matters is the totla number of file handles in
use by the process.

since you didn't tel us what the total number if files for all of your 24
index is, let's assume it 15 ... 15*24 is 360 ... assuming you open new
readers before closing the olde ones you might have as many as 720 files
open at once just considering the searching aspects of the index files ...
thta doesn't even count filehanldes open involved in writting to the index

and we're still just talking about index files, there's all the jars/class
files your process has to open, plus any network connections.  Solr for
example, on startup while sitting idle and not counting the files in the
index directory has 64 files open ... thta's just jars and basic shared
libraries the JVM needs.

it wouldn't supprise me if 1024 was way to low for an application
maintaining 24 different indexes and dealing with concurrent network

: : have you tried running lsof on your processes to see all the
: : files you have open?
: I'm not too familiar with this command.  Do I need to issue this command

lsof -p [pid] | wc -l

The number that comes back is the one that will cuase you problems once it
approaches your open files limit.


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