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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Stop-words comparison in MoreLikeThis class in Lucene's contrib/queries project
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 00:46:47 GMT

: I need this comparison to be case-insensitive, but I don't see any way of
: achieving it by extending this class. I would have created a subclass of
: MoreLikeThis and override the isNoiseWord() method. However, the problem is
: that, neither isNoiseWord() method nor the instance variables referenced
: inside that method are declared protected. They are all private. Has anyone

a more direct problem for you in this appraoch would be that the entire
class is final.

: solved this problem without modifying and building MoreLikeThis class
: directly?
: An alternative approach would be to supply a stopwords list containing all
: variants of the stop words with all possible mixed cases. Needless to say,

it looks like MLT doesn't do any processing of the Set you pass to
setStopWords ... the only method it calls is contains(String) so as long
as you only ever put lower case terms in your set you could easily do
something like...

   Set stopWords = new HashSet() {
     public boolean contains(Object o) {
       return super.contains(o.toString().toLowerCase());

: Ultimately it would be nice if those methods and variables would have been
: made protected so that applications could override some of the default
: behaviors without having to modify the class directly.

agreed ... patches welcome :)


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