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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: product based term combination for BooleanQuery?
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2007 21:19:07 GMT

: "Lucene Download" as a query. I want something that strongly references
: "Lucene" (in the title) and strongly references "Download" but "Download
: Lucene" or "Lucene Project Download" are better than some page that
: happens to contain the exact phrase.
: Other examples are "camera review" or "Gonzales scandal"; there's a
: whole class of "subject <modifier>" queries that are not really phrase
: based, and my corpus isn't large enough to necessarily contain the
: phrase anyway.

You should take a look at the DisjunctionMaxQuery class ... it's whole
purpose for existing is to provide an alternative to BooleanQuery in which
multiple clause queries request in a score dominated by the highest
scoring subclause -- not all subclauses.  They can be combined in
BooleanQueries in such a way that matching title:John and title:Bush will
vastly overshadow docs that match title:John body:Bush ... but it doesn't
really help in situations where the title is "George Bush vs John Kerry"
... for stuff like that you have to use a sloppy PhraseQuery (you can make
it optional so it only increases the score, and doesn't prevent matches
when the phrase just doesn't exist)

if you take a look at the DisMaxRequestHandler in solr, you can see a
parser that converts queries like:   John Bush   ..into structions like

  +(  ( DisjunctionMaxQuery((body:john | title:john^3.0)~0.01)
        DisjunctionMaxQuery((body:bush | title:bush^3.0)~0.01) )~2 )
   DisjunctionMaxQuery((text:"john bush"~100 | name:"john bush"~100^2.0)~0.01)

...based on configuration information.

I also second another suggestion (from grant maybe?) about considering
your coordFactory carefully ... if you use straight boolean queries and
have a query like you describe...
    +(title:John^4.0 body:John) +(title:Bush^4.0 body:Bush)

...then a document with "John Bush" in the title but only refrences to "Mr
Bush" in the body is going to be heavily penalized by the lack of any
occurances of "John" in the body ... you probably want to eliminate he
coord in your qub queries and only have it in the top most query.

(assuming you want to keep using plain boolean queries and don't totally
fall in love with dismax queries they way i have)


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