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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Lucene index in memcache
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2007 15:37:35 GMT

: I have done some profiling , and it seems the response is slow when there
: are long queries(more than 5-6 words per query).
: The way I have implemented is : I pass in the search query and lucene
: returns the total number of hits, along with ids . I then fetch objects
: for only those ids , as required per the pagination.
: Also it is a dedicated search box .

As i mentioned, details are everything ... what methods re you calling on
the lucene API?  When are you calling them? (ie: are you opening a new
Searcher for every query, or are you reusing it for multiple queries)
What types of queries are you using? (booleanquery?, phrasequery?
spannearquery?)  ... how many docs are you showing on a page?  how many
fields does each doc have? how big is your index? how slow is slow (in
milli/seconds) ... actual numbers please.

the best way for people to help you is if they can see your actual code.

: > If you provide some more info about how you are using Lucene (ie: what you
: > code looks like) and what the concepts of "high traffic" and "slow" mean
: > to you, we might be able to help you better.


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