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From "Dmitry" <>
Subject Re: lucene integration with PDM Windchill (Product Data Management System)
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2007 00:04:00 GMT

And by the way we created one of the solution  - but we need to have more 
embedded interfaces  / implementation fucntions to the PDM Widchill. 
(article you can find on for one of the solution).

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From: "Dmitry" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 6:56 PM
Subject: Re: lucene integration with PDM Windchill (Product Data Management 

> Karl,
> thanks for help.
> I will try to explain requirements. There is system PDM - product Data 
> Management System - which manages the data related to products, supports 
> precudures druing the product lifecycle deals with the development and 
> production infrastructure.
> There following design paterns which can be used for implementation and 
> customization of this system  - point to integrate Lucene with Windchill 
> (PDM):
> - The Object Reference Design Pattern (encapsulates details concerning 
> persistable objects and their unique databse keys- like for Objects 
> WTParts, WTAssemblies, WTDocuments and their relations)
> - Business Service Design Pattern (building windchill services - like 
> using remote interfaces service Events)
> - Master-iteration Design Pattern (like two objects: Mastered and 
> Iterated: adhare all versioned data in Windchill PDM system <PDMLink> and 
> <ProjectLink>)
> We need use Lucene with WTObeject like WTDocuments && WTParts to create 
> indexes and provide search service.
> The properties of a document for instance - MS Documnts or PDF files are 
> specified on the WTDocument class. But the sum of the propertiesare stored 
> on WTDocumnetMaster. WTDocument implements ContenrHolder - primary content 
> and secondary content. And by the way WTDocument can create two types of 
> relationships to other documents using WTDocumentUsageLink (build 
> relationships between documents and document structure). Atributes which 
> need to be used for searching are on either  WTDocumentMaster or 
> WTDocument clasess.
> This was just short desription of architecture of PDMLink  - Windchill.
> So we need create  some Lucene services(processors) embedded to the system 
> using extended interfaces for creation indexes and Search all Documnets by 
> Attributes.
> thanks,
> Dmitry
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>> Trying to integrate PDM system : WTPart obejct with Lucene indexing 
>> search framework. Part of the work is integration with persistent layer 
>> <hibernate>+ indeces storage+ mysql
> You have a product data management software of some sort that use
> MySQL via Hibernate for persistency, and now you want to use Lucene
> to search the data?
>> Could not find a good solution ...
> What possible solutions did you find, and what was the problem with
> these?
>> please advice
> My guess is that very few people in this forum knows how Windchill
> works, what a WTPart is or what the complexity of the system is in a
> persistent state. So you probably need to explain your requirements a
> bit more in order to get a helpful answer or discussion going.
> -- 
> karl
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