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From "Van Nguyen" <>
Subject RE: Too Many Open files Exception
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2007 18:24:33 GMT
: so ... what is your ulimit set to? 
Issuing a "limit descriptors", I see that I have it set to 1024

: how many files are in your index directory?  
In the directory that I'm getting this particular error: 3
I have 24 different index directories... I think the most I saw at that
particular time in any one index was 20

: have you tried running lsof on your processes to see all the
: files you have open?
I'm not too familiar with this command.  Do I need to issue this command
for the processes I'm using (should it be the command: apache, jboss,
etc or process id?) or for the whole system?  If I do issue the command,
does each line it comes back with considered an "open file"?

: or it could just be that your index has a ton of files because of the
: number of segments and the number of fields, and between it, and all
: jars your app loads it really does just use 1 too many files for your
: ulimit.
How do you calculate this?  I found this formula: (1 + mergeFacotr) *
FilesPerSegment... but am unsure how to apply it to my indices.  Keep in
mind I have 24 different indices.  Do I apply this formula per index?



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