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From Zach Bailey <>
Subject Clustered Indexing on common network filesystem
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2007 16:22:53 GMT
Hello all,

First a little background - we are developing a clustered application 
that will in part leverage Lucene to provide index and search 
capabilities. We have already spent time investigating various index 
storage implementations (database vs. filesystem) and we've decided for 
performance reasons to go with a filesystem index storage scheme.

That said, I have read back through the archives a bit and noticed that 
the support for index storage on NFS is still experimental (e.g. the 
latest bugfixes have not made it out to an official, stable release). I 
realize most of the issues related to using a shared file system revolve 
around locking, and I haven't seen much about the maturity of locking 
for other network filesystems.

I was wondering if anyone has tried any other networked filesystems or 
had any recommendations. We have clients who would be doing this on both 
Windows and Unix/Linux so any insight there would be appreciated as well 
- it can be assumed that across any cluster the operating system use 
would be homogeneous (i.e. all nodes are on windows and would use 
windows shares, or all nodes are on linux and would use xyz filesystem).

Thanks in advance,
-Zach Bailey

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