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From Tim Sturge <>
Subject multi-term query weighting
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2007 01:01:44 GMT
I have an index with two different sources of information, one small but 
of high quality (call it "title"), and one large, but of lower quality 
(call it "body").  I give boosts to certain documents related to their 
popularity (this is very similar to what one would do indexing the web).

The problem I have is a query like "John Bush". I translate that into " 
(title:John^4.0 body:John) AND (title:Bush^4.0 body:Bush) ". But the 
results I get are:

1. George Bush
4. John Kerry
10. John Bush

The reason is (looking at explain) that George Bush is scored:
169 = sum(
 1 =  <match in body with tiny norm for "John">
 168 = sum(
     160 = <title match for "Bush">
     8 = <body match for "Bush">

and John Kerry is similar but reversed. Poor old "John Bush" only scores:

72 = sum(
  40 = (<title match for "John">+<body match>)
  32 = (<title match for "Bush">+ <body match>)

because his initial boost was only 1/4 of George's.

The question I have is, how can tell the searcher to care about 
"balance"? I really want the score over 2 terms to be more like 
(sqrt(X)+sqrt(Y))^2 or maybe even exp(log(X)+log(Y))  rather than just 
X+Y. Is that supported in some obvious way, or is there some other way 
to phrase my query to say "I want both terms but they should both be 
important if possible?"



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