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From "Erick Erickson" <>
Subject Re: java gc with a frequently changing index?
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2007 19:46:16 GMT
Why do you believe that it's the gc? I admit i just scanned your
e-mail, but I *do* know that the first search (especially sorts) on
a newly-opened IndexReader incure a bunch of overhead. Could
that be what you're seeing?

I'm not sure there is a "best practice", but I have seen two
solutions mentioned, both more complex than opening/closing
the reader.

1> open the reader in the background, fire a few "warmup" queries
at it, then switch it with the one you actually use to answer queries.

2> Use a RAMDirectory to hold your new entries for some period
of time. You'd have to do some fancy dancing to keep this straight
since you're updating documents, but it might be viable. The scheme
is something like
Open your FSDIR
Open a RAMdir.

Add all new documents to BOTH of them. When servicing a query,
look in both indexes, but you only open/close the RAMdir for
every query. Note that since, when you open a reader, it
takes a snapshot of the index, these two views will be disjoint. When you
get your results back, you'll have to do something about the documents
from the FSdir that have been replaced in the RAMdir, which is where
the fancy dancing part comes in. But I leave that as an exercise for
the reader.

Periodically, shut everything down and repeat. The point here is that
you can (probably) close/open your RAMdir with very small costs and
have the whole thing be up to date.

There'll be some coordination issues, and you'll have to cope with data
integrity if your process barfs before you've closed your FSDir....

Or, you could ask whether 5 seconds is really necessary.I've seen a lot
of times when "real time" could be 5 minutes and nobody would really
complain, and other times when it really is critical. But that's between you
and our Product Manager....

Hope this helps

On 7/25/07, Tim Sturge <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am indexing a set of constantly changing documents. The change rate is
> moderate (about 10 docs/sec over a 10M document collection with a 6G
> total size) but I want to be  right up to date (ideally within a second
> but within 5 seconds is acceptable) with the index.
> Right now I have code that adds new documents to the index and deletes
> old ones using updateDocument() in the 2.1 IndexWriter. In order to see
> the changes, I need to recreate the IndexReader/IndexSearcher every
> second or so. I am not calling optimize() on the index in the writer,
> and the mergeFactor is 10.
> The problem I am facing is that java gc is terrible at collecting the
> IndexSearchers I am discarding. I usually have a 3msec query time, but I
> get gc pauses of 300msec to 3 sec (I assume is is collecting the
> "tenured" generation in these pauses, which is my old IndexSearcher)
> I've tried "-Xincgc", "-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC" and
> calling System.gc() right after I close the old index without much luck
> (I get the pauses down to 1sec, but get 3x as many. I want < 25 msec
> pauses). So my question is, should I be avoiding reloading my index in
> this way? Should I keep a separate IndexReader (which only deletes old
> documents) and one for new documents? Is there a standard technique for
> a quickly changing index?
> Thanks,
> Tim
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