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From Nick Johnson <>
Subject problems with deleteDocuments
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 08:01:58 GMT
I'm having several problems with deleting documents with Lucene 2.2.

Via the IndexWriter, I can successfully delete a document by its primary 
key via a Term, but ONLY if the field was stored as 
Field.Index.UN_TOKENIZED.  If it was stored as TOKENIZED, the debug output 
says it is deleting the document, but subsequent searches executed against 
terms that existed only in the original document (and not the one I add to 
replace it) still return the deleted document.  (Searches against terms 
only in the new document will return the new document.)

Another problem is that if I first delete the document using 
deleteDocuments(Term) and then add a new document that happens to have 
identical fields to the one I deleted, the new document is not added.  Of 
course this operation is fairly wasteful, but it seems like the new 
document should replace the old one, even though they're the same.  This 
happens even if I perform a flush() after the delete and before the add.  
It will also happen even if I flush, close the IndexWriter and create a 
new IndexWriter.  It seems that once a document with a particular set of 
fields has been deleted, an identical one can never be re-added.

Any pointers or things I should check or more detailed information I can 
provide to track this down?


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