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From "Jesse Prabawa" <>
Subject Re: Position of matches to affect scoring
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 07:17:22 GMT
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the advice and your detailed explanation. I have another question
though, I understand that Lucene normalizes the scores based on field
length. Is there a way for me to avoid this? Or perhaps have a better
control of how the scores are normalized.

Best regards,


On 6/19/07, Steven Rowe <> wrote:
> Hi Jes,
> Jesse Prabawa wrote:
> > The Lucene FAQ at
> > mentions that the position of the matches in the text does not affect
> > scoring. So is there anyway that I can make the position of the
> > matches affect scoring? For example, I want matches that occur at the
> > beginning to weigh more than those that occur elsewhere in the text.
> > I have just started using Lucene so any help/advice is greatly
> > appreciated :)
> One quick way to get (something like) what you want is to place "the
> beginning" in a separate field from the rest of the document contents,
> then query both the "beginning" and "remainder" fields with the same
> query, boosting (i.e. weighting) the "beginning" field higher than the
> "remainder" field.
> E.g. (assumes SimpleAnalyzer, and default "OR" QueryParser operator):
>   doc1: "This is the inception.  Here is the rest."
>         "beginning" field: "this", "is", "the", "inception"
>         "remainder" field: "here", "is", "the", "rest"
>   doc2: "Something else here.  After the inception."
>         "beginning" field: "something", "else", "here"
>         "remainder" field: "after", "the", "inception"
> query: "What does inception mean?"
> -> "beginning:(what does inception mean)^5  remainder:(what does
> inception mean)^1"
> The transformed query shown above is how it would look in QueryParser
> syntax[1] to query both fields with the same query, while boosting the
> "beginning" field higher (boost:5) than the "remainder" field (boost:1).
> You have to build this transformed query yourself - there is no facility
> in Lucene (that I'm aware of) for building multi-field queries with
> differently boosted fields.
> Both docs will match, but doc1 will score higher than doc2, since
> "inception" is in doc1's higher-weighted "beginning" field.
> Steve
> [1]
> --
> Steve Rowe
> Center for Natural Language Processing
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