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From Antoine Baudoux>
Subject Re: Several questions about scoring/sorting + random sorting in an image/related application
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 16:26:49 GMT

> Another possibility is to re-think this a bit. You are "displaying
> documents one page at a time", which I take to mean you
> are displaying some number (say 50) document summaries
> per page.
> I'm also assuming that you want to display ALL documents
> from, say, collection 32 and then (and only then) display
> the documents in the next-ranking collection.

Unfortunately that's not the case : I also want more recent documents  
to come first, so as i said in my original post the scoring is a mix  
(ponderated sum) between document date and collection scores.

This comes from a real-world requirement from my client : He wants  
the photos from his favorite collections to come first, but at the  
same times he wants the most recent images to come first.

If only the Collection score mattered it would be simple.

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