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From Antoine Baudoux>
Subject Re: Several questions about scoring/sorting + random sorting in an image/related application
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2007 08:27:55 GMT

> : Thats what i discovered. The question is : Is the ValueSourceQuery
> : strong and fast enough to be
> : used confidently in a production environment? I looked at the source
> as i mentioned, i'm not intimately familiar with the new  
> ValueSourceQuery,
> but the FunctionQuery it's based on is certainly production  
> quality.  I
> use it all over the place.
> : What's wrong with this idea :
> : Each day i generate an shuffle a vector of Maxdoc integers from 0 to
> : Maxdoc.
> :
> : Then i use a valueSource query with a valueSource that uses this
> : vector to randomly score the documents.
> : Of course I have to somehow normalize those random scores so that
> : their "contribution factor" remains constant when MaxDocs increases.
> well, that's a random fixed ordering per day ... a bit different then
> random per search (much more cachable).
> I also didn't realize you wanted the randomness to just be an added  
> factor
> in your orriginal query -- i thought this was a seperate "sort  
> randomly"
> side question.  your approach sounds like it it could work, but as you
> say: there are complexities of keeping it balanced.
> -Hoss

Thanks for your help! I will start implementing those solutions now.  
One last remark :

>  for the "recentness" aspect a
> ValueSourceQuery composed on a ReverseOrdFieldSource should take  
> care of
> things ...

I have a problem with this solution : Document ordering is different  
from Recentness :
If i upload 1000 images now, they should have the same "recentness",  
even if their order is very different.

So i think i will store image dates as Int and use a field cache to  
compute a score based on the difference between the present date and  
the date of the image.

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