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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: spannearquery help
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2007 00:58:49 GMT
I would look at Query getFieldQuery(String field, String queryText) in 
QueryParser for inspiration.

feed the two strings, one at a time to the analyzer.

With the results from String1 do something like:

      List<SpanQuery> clauses = new ArrayList<SpanQuery>(v.size());
                    for (int i = 0; i < v.size(); i++) {
                        SpanQuery termQuery = new SpanTermQuery(new Term(
                                    field, v.get(i).termText()));
                        clauses.set(i, termQuery);

                    SpanNearQuery query = new 
SpanNearQuery((SpanQuery[]) clauses.toArray(
                                new SpanQuery[0]), slop, true);

Except first look for karl wettins FuzzySpanQuery in JIRA. Instead of a 
SpanTermQuery use that.

Now wrap this SpanNearQuery in a new SpanNearQuery with String2.

- Mark

Akanksha Baid wrote:
> I have two strings -
> String1 contains multiple words  &
> String2 contains just 1 word
> I need to search my index to find hits where String1 and String2 occur 
> within a distance "slop = d" of each other. Order is important. Also, 
> ideally I would like to do a fuzzy search on String1. Is there some 
> way to do this without having to chop string1 into multiple terms and 
> adding them to a SpanQuery[]?
> Thanks for the help.
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