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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Lucene 2.2, NFS, Lock obtain timed out
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2007 00:43:47 GMT
>Never used the IndexAccessor patch, so I may be
>wrong in the following.

>No, let's fix it...  /;->

Don't mean to wade in over my head here, but just to help out those that 
have not used LuceneIndexAccessor.

I am fairly certain that using the LuceneIndexAccessor could easily 
create the FileNotFoundException on the segments file. I am a lot less 
clear on whether that would then cause a problem with the WriteLock.

LuceneIndexAccessor manages Readers and Writers (And Searchers, and 
Directories, etc). It keeps track of how many Readers are out and 
ensures a single Writer. You must request and release Readers and 
Writers. All Readers are cached until you release a Writer. Upon 
releasing a Writer, LuceneIndexAccessor waits for all Readers to be 
returned and clears the cache, causing new Readers to be opened on the 
next request.

This is certain to be a problem due to the unavailability of "delete on 
last close" semantics over NFS. If a certain node in the cluster has not 
released a writer (due to not being used to write to the index) in a 
long time, another node could trigger the deletion of the files that a 
Reader from the first Node was using. LuceneIndexAccessor runs 
independently on each node, and so is not providing coherent access 
across all nodes. The WriteLock is being to sync the Writer from each 
node and the Readers are not being coordinated at all...each Node counts 
on getting a Writer released to cause its cached Readers to be released 
and reopened (on first access).

Without this problem solved, it would seem difficult to know the 
FileNotFoundException was caused by something else. What I don't know is 
if or how this would cause a WriteLock timeout. Perhaps there is more 
than one issue at hand.

A simple way to test the LuceneIndexAccessor problem would be to 
implement a synchronized method that calls 
waitForReadersAndCloseCached() (this method would prob need more logic 
than just the simple call), and then call that method more often than 
every 10 minutes.

- Mark

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