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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Wildcard query with untokenized punctuation (again)
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 23:43:59 GMT
After taking a quick look, I don't see how you can do this without 
modifying the QueryParser. In QueryParser.jj you will find the conflict 
of interest at line 891. This line will cause a match on smith,ann* and 
trigger a wildcard term match on the whole piece.

This is again caused by the fact that the QueryParser parses your query 
string and breaks it up before sending pieces to the analyzer. This is a 
much different scenario than when you feed your analyzer for indexing -- 
in the indexing case, the analyzer gets fed the text all in one piece. 
To further aggravate matters, the analyzer that you pass to the 
QueryParser does not even get to see smith,ann* -- when that pattern is 
found, the term is sent to getWildcardQuery and the analyzer is 
completely skipped.

You might think of a clever way to override getWildcardQuery and check 
the input string for punctuation. If you find some, you might find a way 
produce an appropriate query.

A more invasive suggestion would be to recompile QueryParser.jj and 
change line 868: <#_TERM_CHAR: ( <_TERM_START_CHAR> | <_ESCAPED_CHAR> | 
"-" | "+" ) > so that a comma will not be recognized as a TERM_CHAR.

- Mark

Renaud Waldura wrote:
> My very simple analyzer produces tokens made of digits and/or letters only.
> Anything else is discarded. E.g. the input "smith,anna" gets tokenized as 2
> tokens, first "smith" then "anna".
> Say I have indexed documents that contained both "smith,anna" and
> "smith,annanicole". To find them, I enter the query <<smith,ann*>>. The
> stock Lucene 2.0 query parser produces a PrefixQuery for the single token
> "smith,ann". This token doesn't exist in my index, and I don't get a match.
> I have found some references to this:
> html
> but I don't understand how I can fix it. Comma-separated terms like this can
> appear in any field; I don't think I can create an untokenized field.
> Really what I would like in this case is for the comma to be considered
> whitespace, and the query to be parsed to <<+smith +ann*>>. Any way I can
> that?
> --Renaud

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