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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Automatic analyzer resolving based on Locale
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 17:35:49 GMT

: There is nothing canned that I know of. I'm also not sure how this
: would be used. If you're using a single index, how are you going
: to index, then search using these analyzers? Or is there some
: other magic going on?

i suspect the use case is "shipped" software product, where you want to
have one jar that works anywhere, but you want the analyzer used to depend
on Locale of the JVM the software is installed in.

Personally, i would advise against auto-selecting an Analyzer based on the
runtime Locale ... it's a fine approach when dealing with purely transient
data (ie: parsing Dates iput into a form) but it's a bad idea for
persistant data (ie: formating dates to write them to a file) because the
user could change their Locale and now the index they built the last time
they ran your softare doesn't work anymore.

just make it an option configurable at install time.


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