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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: filter caching
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 21:14:42 GMT

: want to build up a set of small QueryFilters and that can be cached and
: be combined in any order (using the ChainedFilter operations) while
: still making use of caching.  If ChainedFilter does this (or doesn't),
: it would be nice to have it mentioned in the API docs.

what you are asking for seems to be that we document that ChainedFilter
doesn't cache ... that seems odd.  there are lots of classes that don't do
lots of things (because they only do one thing) we don't enumarte all of
thethings they *don't* do unless there is some reason people would assume
otherwise and we want to correct their assumption.

* QueryFilter is documented to wrap a Query so that it can be used as a
  Filter, and cache that Filter.
* ChainedFilter is documented as a way to combine other filters

ChainedFilter doesn't care if the fitlers it combines are cached or not,
and QueryFilter doesn't care if it gets put into a ChainedFilter --
neither of those things affects the behavior of hte otherone ... so i'm
notreally sure i understand what it is you think should be added to the
API docs.


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