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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: Memory leak (JVM 1.6 only)
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 06:18:03 GMT
Stephen Gray <> wrote on 17/05/2007 22:40:01:

> One interesting thing is that although the memory allocated as
> reported by the processes tab of Windows Task Manager goes up and up,
> and the JVM eventually crashes with an OutOfMemory error, the total size
> of heap + non-heap as reported by jconsole is constant and much lower
> than the Windows-reported allocated memory. I've also tried Netbeans
> profiler, which suggests that the variables in the heap that are
> continually surviving garbage collection do not all originate from one
> class.

Smells like native memory leak? Can jconsole/jmap/jhat monitor native mem?
I once spent some time on what finally was a GZipOutputStream native mem
usage/leak. Moving from Java 1.5 to 1.6 could expose such problem...

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