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From Doron Cohen <>
Subject Re: Does Lucene search over memory too?
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 06:07:27 GMT
Antony Bowesman <> wrote on 28/05/2007 22:48:41:

> I read the new IndexWriter Javadoc and I'm unclear about this
> autocommit.  In
> 2.1, I thought an IndexReader opened in an IndexSearcher does not "see"
> additions to an index made by an IndexWriter, i.e. maxDoc and
> numDocs remain
> constant, so the statement
> "When autoCommit is true then every flush is also a commit (IndexReader
> instances will see each flush as changes to the index). This is
> the default, to
> match the behavior before 2.2"
> makes me wonder if my assumptions are wrong.  Can you clarify
> what it means by
> the IndexReader "seeing" changes to the index?

Antony, your assumptions were (and still are) correct - once
an index reader is opened it is unaffected by changes to the
underlying index. Would it be clearer if the javadoc said:
"(An IndexReader instance will see changes to the index caused
by flush operations that completed prior to opening that
IndexReader instance)."?

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