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From "Peter W." <>
Subject In memory MultiSearcher
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 21:38:48 GMT

I have been using a large, in memory MultiSearcher that
is reaching the limits of my hardware RAM with this code:

          IndexSearcher[] searcher_a=
             new IndexSearcher(new RAMDirectory(index_one_path)),
             new IndexSearcher(new RAMDirectory(index_two_path)),
             new IndexSearcher(new RAMDirectory(index_thee_path)),
             new IndexSearcher(new RAMDirectory(index_four_path)),
             new IndexSearcher(new RAMDirectory(index_n_path))

	 MultiSearcher searcher_ms=new MultiSearcher(searcher_a);
       catch(Exception e)

For example, one of several indexes is 768MB. Is there possibly a  
better way to do this?


Peter W.

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