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From Walter Ferrara <>
Subject getTermFreqVector atomicity
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 21:31:12 GMT
I'm interested in getting the term vector of a lucene doc. The point is,
it seems I have to give to the IndexReader.getTermFreqVector a doc ID,
while I would know if there is a way to get the termvector by a doc
identifier (not lucene doc id, but a my own field). I know how to get
the lucene docid for the doc I'm interested, but my concern is about the
non-atomicity of getting a id and pass it to another function.
This because I reload index time by time, and I'm worried about a loss
of consistency if the new indexreader remap docids (after deletion for
example), and I end up accessing a different doc, just because between
"get the id" and "get the termvector for that id", the reader could have
been reloaded (and doc-ids changed).


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