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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Concept Search
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 23:52:29 GMT
There are quite a few ways to do just read in the file to 
create a list of the words and when your query parser sees the right 
keyword either use a TokenFilter that expands to each word or just add 
each word to a BooleanQuery as a Should clause (or expand to a proper 
Lucene syntax string). This is basically just a thesaurus and you 
shouldn't find it too terribly difficult to implement.

- Mark

Charles Patridge wrote:
>   I have looked around on Lucene web site as well as some documentation 
> but have not found anything to do with Concept Search.
>     My definition of Concept Search is as follows:
>   1.  I would have a file (list) of various phrases / N-grams which I 
> would like to Lucene to use as a search basis without having to type in 
> all these phrases manually, and have Lucene return the results as it 
> would normally if a single search query was entered.
>     2.  An example would be - find !Wild_Animals! - where the "!" would 
> indicate that this is a search that would use a file (ie 
> Wild_Animals.txt) and read in the various phrases within this file and perform the 
> search in the corpus for these phrases.
>     3.  The contents of Wild_Animals.txt could look like this:
>   BEAR
>   WOLF
>   DEER
>   etc etc etc
>     4.  Is my idea of a Concept Search feasible / doable???  If so, can 
> you point me to any documentation that exists whereby this could be done 
> within Lucene
>     Please send any info you have on this to me - 
>   Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.
> Charles S Patridge - PDPC, Ltd.
> 172 Monce Road - Burlington, CT 06013 USA
> Email:
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