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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Memory leak (JVM 1.6 only)
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 11:36:48 GMT
I don't have much help to offer other than to say I am also using a 
tweaked version of the IndexAccess code you are, with java 1.6, with 
hundreds of thousands to millions of docs, at multiple locations, for 
months -- and I have not seen any memory leaks. Leads me to think the 
leak may be with your code and not any Lucene code...

I will mention that the IndexAccess code does not handle multi-searchers 
very well without some adjustments, but even that should not cause a leak.

Keep playing with the Netbeans profiler...if it really is a leak, you 
aught to be able to find it.

- Mark

Stephen Gray wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have an application that indexes/searches xml documents using 
> Lucene. I'm having a problem with what looks like a memory leak, which 
> occurs when indexing a large number of documents, but only when the 
> application is running under JVM 1.6. Under JVM 1.5 there is no 
> problem. What happens is that the memory allocated consistently rises 
> during indexing until the JVM crashes with an OutOfMemory exception.
> I'm using Lucene 2.1, and am using Maik Schreiber's LuceneIndexAccess 
> API, which hands out references to cached IndexWriter/Reader/Searchers 
> to objects that need to use them, and handles closing and re-opening 
> IndexSearchers after documents are added to the index. The application 
> is running under Tomcat 6.
> I'm a bit out of my depth determining the source of the leak - I've 
> tried using Netbeans profiler, which shows a large number of HashMap 
> instances that survive a long time, but these are created by many 
> different classes so it's difficult to pinpoint one source.
> Has anyone found similar problems with Lucene indexing operations 
> running under JVM 1.6? Does anyone have any suggestions re how to deal 
> with this?
> Any help much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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