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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Re: Problem using wildcardsearch in phrase search
Date Sun, 13 May 2007 21:14:20 GMT
Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : > You can't use a wildcard within double quotes. The Lucene syntax
> : > grammar does not look for such things.
> : This is the bit I don't get (I have got round the problem), why can't
> : you use wildcards within double quotes, this isnt mentioned anywhere in
> :
> Documenting a negated set against the universe of all posisble syntax
> isn't feasible -- ie: the docs list what things QueryParser can do, not
> the full list of all permutations of things it can't do.
Thats true, obviously but the point I was making was that the 
queryparsersyntax page which is where I expect most novices (such as 
myself) start with lucene seems to indicate that wildcards can be used 
in, and this page is
as far as one should need to go to understand basic query syntax, this 
page should be corrected.

'Terms: A query is broken up into terms and operators. There are two 
types of terms: Single Terms and Phrases.
A Single Term is a single word such as "test" or "hello".
A Phrase is a group of words surrounded by double quotes such as "hello 


Wildcard Searches
Lucene supports single and multiple character wildcard searches.
To perform a multiple character wildcard search use the "*" symbol.
Multiple character wildcard searches looks for 0 or more characters. For 
example, to search for test, tests or tester, you can use the search:

You can also use the wildcard searches in the middle of a term.

there is nothing to indicate in the section on Wildcard Searches that it 
can be performed only on Single word terms not Phrase terms.

> It can't deal with Span Queries,
No they are never mentioned(,I don't even know what they are.), so it is 
not a problem.

>  it can't handle fuzzy phrase queries, 
no and it states this correctly ' Lucene supports fuzzy searches based 
on the Levenshtein Distance, or Edit Distance algorithm. To do a fuzzy 
search use the tilde, "~", symbol at the end of a Single word Term'
> If you read the section on Proximity Searches (aka: PhraseQuery) you'll
> eee it clearly says "Lucene supports finding words are a within a specific
> distance away." ... note that word "word".  It does *not* say "...finding
> QUERIES are within...." 
but why would I look here, I was just trying to understand query syntax,

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