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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Problem using wildcardsearch in phrase search
Date Sat, 12 May 2007 21:38:59 GMT

Paul Taylor wrote:
> Mark Miller wrote:
>> "MusicIP PUID*" means to search for MusicIP within one of PUID*
> Sorry I dont understand, can you give me a further reference
>> ...I am pretty sure that KeywordAnalyzer does not split on whitespace 
>> like WhiteSpaceAnalyzer does...which means that MusicIP is never 
>> within one of PUID*..."MusicIP 
>> PUIDa39494bf-927e-1638-fb06-782ec55ac22d" is one whole token.
> I use keyword analyser for both creating the index and parsing the 
> query, I was hoping that MusicIP Puid* would be treated as one thing 
> when I search
Didn't you say you where using a phrasequery? If you are, things will 
not work as expected. You need to leave the quotes out of your search as 
a phrasequery will not match what you are putting in your index. If you 
are not using a phrasequery then things should work as you would expect. 
Can you provide any other info?

- Mark

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