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From Stadler Hans-Christian <>
Subject Numerical fields
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 16:16:13 GMT
Is there an enhancment/plugin to Lucene which would allow
queries like

myNumericalField > 100

I know that usually one has to index such fields as text with
the property   a > b => lex(text(a)) > lex(text(b))  and devise
the text(n) transformation appropriately.

What I'm looking for is an enhancement which would eliminate
the a -> text(a) transformation or simplify it. Is it necessary f.ex.
to implement the above query as a range query

100 <= myNumericalField <= 999999999999999999999999.....

Since many people use numeric field, I guess there exists some
enhancement allready that simplifz the treatment of numerical fields.


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