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From Suprakash <>
Subject weird mergeFactor behavior in v1.4.3
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 20:20:04 GMT

Hi All, 
I'm running Lucene 1.4.3 and have noticed that the mergeFactor setting is
not working as I would expect. To provide a little background - this all
started as an attempt to reduce the number of segments in the index
directory. After several months of use in a high update environment, I end
up with over a thousand (mostly 1KB) files in the index directory and search
performance takes a significant hit. My current settings are mergeFactor=750
& minMergeDocs=750 (maxMergeDocs=default).

I was first considering some kind of scheduled optimization solution, but
experts advise against it:;#47895

So I started going down the path of lowering the mergeFactor. Here is what
I'm seeing - with mergeFactor=10 and a minMergeDocs=10, as I add 1000 docs
to the index (in one go) 10 segments of 10 docs get created and then rolled
up into 1 segment of 1000 docs. So far so good. However if I add 900 docs to
the index and then add 100 docs in a second pass (closing the IndexWriter
between the two runs), I get 10 segments on disk but they are not merged.
Also, if I add 10 docs with mergeFactor=1, I get 10 segments. 

Is this expected? I would have thought that a) segments are merged as they
are created regardless of timing b) a mergeFactor=1 would always keep the
index optimized. Am I running into a bug in version 1.4.3? Any ideas for how
to get around this? Upgrading to the latest version is not an option in my
case (I'm at the very end of a release cycle).

Thanks very much in advance!
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