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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: indexing and searching real numbers
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 17:20:10 GMT
On 4/5/07, Leon <> wrote:
> I need to index and search real numbers in Lucene. I found NumberUtils class
> in Solr project which permits one to encode doubles into string so that
> alpha numeric ordering would correctly correspond to the ordering on
> numbers. When I use ConstantScoreRangeQuery programmatically everything
> works just fine. However when I convert this query to a string, parse it
> with QueryParser and use the resulting query – no result are found.
> ConstantScoreRangeQuery wquery =
>   new ConstantScoreRangeQuery("westbc", null,
> NumberUtils.double2sortableStr(-110.500000), false, true);
> Hits hits =; //returns expected results
> Now if I do
> String wqueryString = wquery.toString();
> QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser("westbc", new KeywordAnalyzer());
> Query query = queryParser.parse(wqueryString);
> Hits hits =; // returns nothing

Query.toString() is really for debugging only, and I don't believe
current implementations try to escape characters that might be interpreted
as something else if reparsed.

Simple example...  I think
(new TermQuery(new Term("foo","\"a\""))).toString() would yield
which if put through the query parser, would be parsed as


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