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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Ideas for a relevance score that could be considered stable across multiple searches with the same query structure?
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:32:43 GMT
: Not really.  The explain scores aren't normalized and I also couldn't
: find a way to get the explain data as anything other than a whitespace
: formatted text blob from Solr.  Keep in mind that they need confidence

the defualt way Solr dumps score explainations is just as plain text, but
the Explanation objects are actually fairly well structured, and easy to
walk in a custom request handler -- this would let you make direct
comparisons of the various peices of the Explanations from doc 1 with doc
2 if you wanted.

A custom Similaity class with simplified tf, idf, and queryNorm functions
might also help you get scores from the Explain method that are more
easily manageable since you'll have predictible query structures hard
coded into your application.

ie: run the large query once, get the results back, and for each result
look at the explanation and pull out the individual pieces of hte
explanation and compare them with those of hte other matches to create
your own "normalization".


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