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From Andrew Green <>
Subject Re: Straigtforward stemming example? Dictionary needed?
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 21:23:47 GMT
El mar, 24-04-2007 a las 21:49 +0100,
> >> For example, if I search for "eat", I'd like Lucene to find "eating",
> >> "eaten", "ate", etc.
> Hi Andrew,
> The example you provide can only partially be performed using a rule based
> stemmer, such as those uesd by Snowball. Most stemmers are capable of
> stemming eating, eats, and eaten to eat. However they will not stem ate to
> eat.
> While in theory you could consturuct some form of dictionary to help with
> these verbal irregularities, it would be an very complex task.

OK... Hmmm. So then I should assume that, for more complete stemming,
there are no ready-made, easy-to-use dictionaries available under free
licenses? I guess I assumed that there would be, given the prevalence of
free software spelling checkers. Can't the data used by MySpell or the
likes be adapted? Or is it a very different sort of dictionary that
would be needed?


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