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From "Nilesh Bansal" <>
Subject Lock files in a read-only application
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2007 23:09:06 GMT
Hi all,

We have a web-based application that searches a large lucene index.
This application only creates object of type IndexSearcher only (and
no IndexWriters) for searching the index. After the application runs
for some time (a few hours), I can see lock files in the temp
directory of the form
The temp dir is set to /opt/tomcat/temp/ as we are using tomcat.

Since the application is read-only, there is no point in it using the
lock files. These lock files are creating a lot of trouble for me, as
their presence leads to a lock obtained timeout in other threads. It
seems like a bug in lucene.

The index is updated be a separate process independent of the
web-application once in a while. Currently I am using an independent
shell script that checks for the temp dir for lock files every few
seconds and deletes the lock files if any (to prevent a lock obtained
timeout in other threads).

Any help will be appreciated.

Nilesh Bansal.

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