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From rubdabadub <>
Subject Re: bzr branches for Apache Lucene/Nutch/Solr/Hadoop at Launchpad
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:24:57 GMT
Good to hear :-)

> I am curious, how many custom changes are you making to the code that
> this is even an issue?  Perhaps submitting patches and working to get
> them committed would be a more efficient strategy.

Well there are 3 problems I see.

1. There are very good patches on all of the lucene Jiira but for one way
or another these issues never get applied to trunk. For me its not a question
of why its more of a question how can i use it and learn from it. So having
my own local branch to do "whatever" is really great. I build I apply patch
play around .. tear it down without thinking about anything else. Yes you
could do this with various copies of the source but often times these patches
works with rev. XXXX etc.. Its much easier to play when you are in control
of the local.trunk.

2. I also have to customer modifications and maintain i.e support and some
of the fixes only works with a certain rev of trunk and often times i
make mistake
and do svn up .. it happens and that does create some extra key strokes :-)

3. You are correct about the committing strategy but most of my changes are
customer specifics and customer have specific rules so it never gets back to
you guys. Well customer rules I can't decide on the modifications I make.


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