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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: normalized scores
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 22:26:01 GMT
: For a given query (for a single input document), the highest score is
: *not* always 1 (which is just how
: I want it). Is this because I am using a Boolean query? Here is my code
: snippet.

the Hits class only normalizes scores if the highest score is greater then
one, if it's less then 1 no normalization happens.

as to your more general question...

: Recent questions about whether/how scores are normalized got me wondering
: how my application (happily) seems to be doing what I want. I have two

it's all a question of what you want ... what you've got is throwing
things out with a score less then 0.3 ... but that's an arbitrary
decision -- there is no mathematical basis for assuming a
documentwhich scores "0.31" agaisnt query A is better match on A then a
doc which scores 0.29 against query B is for B ... they are apples and

you can be as arbitrary as you want ... you could decide to ignore every
even numbered hit if you want -- it's entirely your choice, but it's not a
ratinal choice.

BTW: i hope you realize based on your comment about not all Hits having a
max score of 1, for some queries, the highest scoring doc might not even
have a score above 0.3, in which case you would be ignoring all matches.


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