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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Combining score from two or more hits
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 05:11:57 GMT
: Thanks Erick, I've been using TopDocs, but am playing with my own HitCollector
: variant of TopDocHitCollector.  The problem is not adjusting the score, it's
: what to adjust it by, i.e. is it possible to re-evaluate the scores of H1 and H2
: knowing that the original query resulted in hits on H1 AND H2.

if you are using a HitCollector, there any re-evaluation is going to
happen in your code using whatever mechanism you want -- once your collect
method is called on a docid, Lucene is done with that docid and no longer
cares about it ... it's only whatever storage you may be maintaining of
high scoring docs thta needs to know that you've decided the score has

your big problem is going to be that you basically need to maintain a list
of *every* doc collected, if you don't know what the score of any of them
are until you've processed all the rest ... since docs are collected in
increasing order of docid, you might be able to make some optimizations
based on how big of a gap you've got between the doc you are currently
collecting and the last doc you've collected if you know that you're
always going to add docs that "relate" to eachother in sequential bundles
-- but this would be some very custom code depending on your use case.


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