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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [Urgent] deleteDocuments fails after merging ...
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:57:16 GMT

: > the only real reason you should really need 2 searchers at a time is if
: > you are searching other queries in parallel threads at the same time ...
: > or if you are warming up one new searcher that's "ondeck" while still
: > serving queries with an older searcher.
: Hoss, I hope I misunderstood this: are you saying that the same
: IndexSearcher/IndexReader pair can not be used concurrently against a single
: index by different threads executing different queries?

no i'm saying the only reason you need two searhsers are:

  1) if, seperate from the searcher you are using to deletes (which you
seem to have a use case that involves reopening to check the deletes) you
also wnat a searcher open continuously which you use to search search

  2) if, for performance reasons, when opening a new searcher to expose a
new version of hte index, you want to open the new one, warm it up with
some queries, and only then direct new threads to the new searcher
and close the old searcher.


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