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From "Thomas K. Burkholder" <>
Subject Fast index traversal and update for stored field?
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 22:37:17 GMT
Hi there,

I'm using lucene to index and store entries from a database table for  
ultimate retrieval as search results.  This works fine.  But I find  
myself in the position of wanting to occasionally (daily-ish) bulk- 
update a single, stored, non-indexed field in every document in the  
index, without changing any indexed value at all.

The obviously documented way to do this would be to remove and then  
re-add each updated document successively.  However, I know from  
experience that rebuilding our index from scratch in this fashion  
would take several hours at least, which is too long to delay pending  
incremental index jobs.  It seems to me that at some level it should  
be possible to iterate over all the document storage on disk and  
modify only the field I'm interested in (no index modification  
required remember as this is a field that is stored but not  
indexed).  It's plain from the documentation on file formats that it  
would be potentially possible to do this from a low level, however  
before I go possibly re-inventing that wheel, I'm wondering if anyone  
knows of any existing code out there that would aid in solving this  

Thanks in advance,

Thomas K. Burkholder
Code Janitor

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