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From "Peter W." <>
Subject Re: How to customize scoring using user feedback?
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2007 02:45:37 GMT

You have made an excellent point!

It's a choice determined by how you use Sort,
if you need most suitable results pass in:


Otherwise, generate all your scores and convert them
to sortable Strings at index time on your  "votes" field.

Then, use this for searches:

Sort srt=new Sort(new SortField[]
{new SortField("votes",SortField.STRING,true),SortField.FIELD_SCORE});


Keep in mind that only presentation level sorting, not Lucene scoring
is changed so results still depend on and are unique for each query.

Utilizing "user feedback to improve search results"  with clickstream
data could be a sub-project in itself. It moves into future areas of
personalization and would be a cool add-on to Lucene.

Hope that helps,

Peter W.

Because scoring
The way it appears to

On Mar 15, 2007, at 9:19 PM, xiong wrote:

> Peter W. <peter <at>> writes:
>> Hello,
>> This is not currently in Lucene.
>> Sounds like you are looking for a voting
>> system to generate float scores that would be
>> inserted as a sortable field at index time.
>> Regards,
>> Peter W.
> Hi Peter,
> But the voting is query depedant, so just add a sortable vote field  
> may not be
> enough?
> For example, query 'Q1' and 'Q2' can reach result 'R1', and 'Q2'  
> can reach
> result 'R2', more votes for 'R1' from 'Q1' will make 'R1' on top of  
> 'R2', even
> if 'R2' is more suitable for 'Q2'.
> Regards,
> Xiong
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