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From Xiaocheng Luan <>
Subject Re: Virtually merge two indexes?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 02:30:09 GMT
How the indexes will be searched, do you need to search fields in both indexes? If the ParallelReader
is not an attractive solution for you, finding a general solution may be difficult. Would
 it be possible to explore solutions that may work for your specific case?

Just a thought.

Chris Lu <> wrote: Hi, Gurus,

One thing I want to do is: one index has fields like [primary-key,
not-so-frequently-updated-fields, large-content-fields,...], and
another index has [primary-key, frequently-updated-fields]. The
purpose is to make the indexing process faster by keeping large/stale
fields in one index and small/frequently updated fields in another,
linked via primary-key field.

If I do so, is it possible to keep the index search the same? Parallel
index reader may not cut it because it works only for different
Documents into different indexes. What I want is the same Document
spread on different indexes.

Chris Lu
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