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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: bzr branches for Apache Lucene/Nutch/Solr/Hadoop at Launchpad
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:02:55 GMT

On Mar 22, 2007, at 8:16 AM, rubdabadub wrote:

> On 3/22/07, Grant Ingersoll <> wrote:
>> Nice idea and I can see the benefit of it to you and I don't mean to
>> be a wet blanket on it, I just wonder about the legality of it.
>> People may find it and think it is the official Apache Lucene, since
>> it is branded that way.  I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know for sure.
>> I think you have the right to store and use the code, even create a
>> whole other search product based solely on Lucene (I think), I just
>> don't know about this kind of thing.  In some sense it is like
>> mirroring, but that fact that you can commit w/ out going through the
> NO NO!! I don't make any commits to apache trunk. Nor any one else
> for that matter. The repo at launchpad is just a pure mirror and will
> always be a mirror.
> Just to clarify what I meant by commit. Basically you "pull" the  
> Lucene
> branch from launchpad to your local machine and that becomes a
> complete copy of the trunk and you make another local branch from
> that branch. Example
> bzr branch  
> local.copy
> bzr branch local.copy local.customerx
> then you do all your work on local.customerx and make commits  
> there. Cos you
> want to keep the local.copy exactly identical to lanuchpad version
> which in turns
> a mirror like any other mirror that apache have thats all. If I were
> to commit things
> to the launchpad version I loose the whole point of mirroring and
> getting changes
> from trunk.

Gotcha.  I guess I just rely on IntelliJ built in versioning to  
provide similar capabilities, plus, maybe checking out multiple  
copies of the source.  Also, I try to avoid making changes in open  
source libraries unless absolutely necessary.

>> Apache process makes me think that others coming upon the code will
>> be mislead about what's in it.  The site _definitely_ makes it look
>> like Launchpad is the home for Lucene with the intro and the bug
>> tracking, etc, even though we all know this site will rank further
>> down in the SERPs than the main site.
> I am not a lawyer or branding expert. But if you want me to edit  
> the description
> text with something like "A mirrored copy of Apache Lucene.. original
> site at..."
> No problem Please provide me the exact text so I can edit it to  
> avoid confusion
> etc.. Last thing I want to do is create confusion.
> Moreover if such need like mine exist maybe Apache Infrastructure
> should consider
> a DRCS system then a RCS system .. SVN doesn't provide the flexibility
> that I need.
> In apache there is CVS and SVN co-exist as well as there are mirrors
> of such all
> over the world so.. why not have a bzr branch? if Launchpad want to
> host it great
> if other mirror wants to host it great.
> I hope it clarifies misunderstanding.. Please do provide an exact text
> so we don't
> get into some lawyer trouble :-) I don't want to take a stab on the
> text its better you
> provide me exact instructions.

I'll wait for some of the others that are closer to the Foundation to  
contribute (maybe one of the PMC members).  Like I said, I don't know  
if it is an issue at all.  I just don't want people to be confused  
about it.  I think you could propose a DRCS to infrastructure and  
make a case for it.  Personally, I'm fine with SVN, but then again I  
used to think I was fine with CVS and I don't think I would want to  
go back to that!

I am curious, how many custom changes are you making to the code that  
this is even an issue?  Perhaps submitting patches and working to get  
them committed would be a more efficient strategy.


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