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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject Re: Indexing & search?
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 00:54:51 GMT

>    I've indexed 4 among 5 fields with Field.Store.YES & Field.Index.NO. And
> indexed the remaining one, say it's Field Name is *content*, with
> Field.Store.YES & Field.Index.Tokenized(It's value is collective value of
> other 4 fields and some more values).So my search always based on
> *content*field.
>    I've indexed 2 douments . In 1st doc, f1:mybook, f2:contains, f3:all,
> f4:information, content:mybook contains all information that you need
> and in 2nd   f1:somebody, f2:want, f3:search, f4:information,
> content:somebody want search information of mybook
>    I want to get search results of all docs where field1's value is
> "mybook".My query is content:mybook.But it returns 2 matching documents
> instead of 1.

The example shows the first 4 words of each 'content' being stored as f1, f2, 
f3, f4.  If that is your intention, then you can use SpanFirstQuery to find 
words that were in f1.  It can also be used to find hits in words 2-4, but you 
will have to test the hits to find out the positional match.


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