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From "Erick Erickson" <>
Subject Re: [Urgent] deleteDocuments fails after merging ...
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 16:50:55 GMT
Well, don't label things urgent. Since this forum is is free, you have
no right to demand a quick response.

You'd get better responses if there was some evidence that you
actually tried to find answers to your questions before posting
them. We all have other duties, and taking time out to answer
what look like questions that reflect minimum effort on your part
gets a very low priority.

Even a casual look at your code reveals a major problem, more
evidence that you aren't doing very much work before yelling
for help, thus going on the low-priority list.

The javadocs point out that this line

* int* nb = mIndexReaderClone.deleteDocuments(urlTerm)

removes*all* documents for a given term. So of course you'll fail
to delete any documents the second time you call
deleteDocuments with the same term.

Which is further evidence that your statement
"it never happens before I merge" shows that you haven't, for instance,
stepped through your code in a debugger trying to figure out what's
going on. If you had, you'd have noticed that the code always failed
on the second call. Which may have lead you to the answer for

My overall point is that you seem to be treating this forum
as your personal help desk, with nothing better to do than
answer your questions as soon as they occur to you. This is
certainly the way many of your posts strike me.

Someone posted this URL a while back. While I think it's far
ruder than necessary, it does provide insights into asking for
help from free forums. I think you would get some valuable
information from it.


On 3/13/07, DECAFFMEYER MATHIEU <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have put this question as "urgent" because I can notice I don't have
> often answers,
> If I'm asking the wrong way, please tell me...
> Before I delete a document I search it in the index to be sure there is a
> hit (via a Term object),
> When I find a hit I delete the document (with the same Term object),
> But there is something very odd happing sometimes :
> I find a hit, but the integer returned by deleteDocuments is equal to 0
> This often happens after I merged the index for the first time,
> it never happens before I merge ...
> Term urlTerm =* **new* Term("url", urlToDel);
> Query query =* new* TermQuery(urlTerm);
> Hits hits = search(query);
> *if* (hits.length() > 0) {
>        * if* (hits.length() > 1) {
>                 System.out.println("found in the index with duplicates");
>         }
>         System.out.println("found in the index");
>        * try* {
>                * int* nb = mIndexReaderClone.deleteDocuments(urlTerm);
>                * if* (nb > 0)
>                         System.out.println("successfully deleted");
>                * else*
>                        * throw** new* IOException("0 doc deleted");
>         }* catch* (IOException e) {
>                 e.printStackTrace();
>                * throw** new* Exception(
>                         Thread.currentThread().getName() + " --- Deleting
> old entry failed",
>                         e);
>         }
> What I get sometimes is :
> found in the index
> 0 doc deleted
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> *   Matt*******
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