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From Xiaocheng Luan <>
Subject Re: Urgent : How much actually the disk space needed to optimize the index?
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 03:00:39 GMT

You can store the fields in the index itself if you want, without indexing them (just flag
it as stored/unindexed). I believe storing fields should not incur the "norms" size problem,
please correct me if I'm wrong.

maureen tanuwidjaja <> wrote: Ya...I think i will store it in
the database so that later it could be used in scoring/ranking for retrieval...:)
  Another thing i would like to see is whether the precision or recall will be much affaected
by this...

Xiaocheng Luan  wrote:One  side-effect of turning off the norms may be that the scoring/ranking
 will be different? Do you need to search by each of these many fields?  If not, you probably
don't have to index these fields (but store them  for retrieval?).

Just a thought.

Michael McCandless  wrote: "maureen tanuwidjaja"  wrote:
> "The only simple workaround I can think of is to set maxMergeDocs to
> keep all segments "small".  But then you may have too many segments
> with time.  Either that or find a way to reduce the number of unique
> fields that you actually need to store."
>   It is not possible for me to reduce the number of fields needed to
>   store...
>   Could you recommend what is the maxMerge value that is small enough to
>   keep all segment small?
>   I also would like to ask wheter, if optimize is successful,will it then
>    perform faster  searching significantly compared to the  unoptimized
>   one?

I think you'd need to test different values for your situation.  Maybe
try 66,000 which will give you ~ 10 segments at your current number of

>   I have the searching result in 30 to 3 minutes, which is actually quite
>    unacceptable for the "search engine" I build...Is there any 
>   recommendation on how faster searching could be done? 

I think you'll need to turn off norms.  I expect alot of the slowness is
in loading the large norms files for the first time.


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